1 min readJan 5, 2022


Unwillingly, away from any consent

I tend to be a reflection of your love,

Immortalized by any experience, by any gesture

Which you call sharply in the clairvoyant iris of my life.

Fallen into the abyss, you are enumerated by many burning ideas

They flow through your arms and numb for hours on end at the elbows,

Then I startle in your red temples because the clock is too late.

A cold bridge at dawn I’m going to be your ..

Sitting deep, deep, he shuddered in a corner of his soul

A thought, a mystery well clothed in the fine silk of time

Slightly pierced by thunder,

And sift through the rains the living nostalgia of the self.

They are small, dust in the dance of the wind,

But it still fills the whole void and moves you

I put you to sleep, I lock you in a bubble of deafness,

It gives you strength and peace, secretly twinned.

Complement everything that lives before with everything that comes,

And from the moment he makes a free will

A fog of presumptions, smiles, melancholy or a sour taste

All of us, from the epic thread of our existence, … of you !!!