1 min readJan 9, 2022



It has sprung up in my way from the hard desolate,

A tenderly sprouted rose of your soul.

Likened to happiness, lived by a living dream,

His fragrance sleeted my whole body.

Like a spring that brings fresh hope,

You leaked blood into my veins in color.

Pressing me to breathe only desire,

You place my silence on cloudflakes.

Your perfume wanders my mind,

He loses me, he gathers me, he throws me into distant glitters.

I feel in me your dream fernly,

It intertwines my longing with enchanted moments.

Your taste is the flavor of the morning,

In the torrid rains of kisses.

Draining my humble soul in front of my heart,

Slip through me shards and dozens of senses.

It’s my veil body that embraces you,

He squeezes you and envelops you in his ardor.

Tattooing on my skin, dancing hearts,

You gently build my love in the depths of my soul.