2 min readDec 26, 2021

Pact with us

A immensity of beings, in too bright stars.. displaying the picture of a galaxy painted by the very what we are.

And in each of us there is a universe.

It’s so complex….it’s so vast the human soul..that…

. .. that no matter how many moments,

no matter how many feelings he spends in his life,

He will never be able to fill this inner bowl, certainly infinite !

It’s a tornado of hot rains,

of cold rains,

storms and oases of light..

that mixes uninterruptedly throughout the whole road

everything we live,

a mill of destiny that spins without respite,

grinds and devours in its own embers..

fine powders of pieces of us.

And we sometimes try to pick something from there,

from this tornado.. as in a raffle,

for he who knows..or maybe

choice with choice will distort any Hurricane

and thing with thing chosen with great care,

feeling with a feeling spoken and lived..

they would put order in their own universe when the storm is overcome…